How To Make Your Own Chewable Gummy Multivitamins, International – There’s a reason most multivitamins come in gummy form- kids LOVE gummies! The problem is store-bought versions are full of artificial flavors, colors, and loaded with sugar. In some cases, even high fructose corn syrup. You definitely don’t want that in your kid’s diet!


The good news is you can easily make your own gummies at home!

Getting your daily dose of nutrients is important all of the time.  However, between a virus that just won’t quit and the seemingly never-ending parade of nerve-wracking events hitting us in 2020, our bodies need the right amount of vitamins and minerals now more than ever. That goes for both for kids and adults.

How to make multivitamin

Making your own healthier gummies is a much better alternative to store-bought candy. The best part? Without adding anything aside from the main ingredients, they’re little powerhouses of essential nutrients.  Let’s check out the basics, then we’ll go over some tips, tricks, and other ingredients that you can add to give them an even healthier kick.

Just a couple quick notes before we start. First, none of this is meant to be as medical advice. If your doctor or pediatrician prescribes a specific vitamin (or vitamin dosage), please don’t try to swap it out with these homemade gummy multivitamins. Instead, ask for the least “artificial” form possible.

Also, while these gummies are naturally packed with essential nutrients, they don’t have the same “mega-dose” you’ll find in certain supplements. For the average healthy child (and adult), that’s actually a good thing! However, for those dealing with certain vitamin deficiencies, stick with your doctor’s recommendations.